Thornwave Labs PowerMon-5S


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PowerMon-5S is a Bluetooth hi-tech device that can be used to monitor the state of charge of any battery and power flow in any electrical system up to 32V. It can be used with 12V or 24V batteries including lead-acid and LiFePO, and can monitor up to 500A using the integrated shunt. The logging function allows it to record all the measurements for up to 3 years.

On top of the monitoring functions, PowerMon-5S can act as a power controller, allowing for low voltage disconnect, high voltage disconnect, over-current disconnect, remote ON/OFF switch, timer switch, generator control, and solar system automation. With Bluetooth LE (Smart) connectivity there is no need for drilling and extra wiring in existing or new applications (RVs, boats, solar systems). Small form factor and ease of installation make PowerMon-5S ideal for quickly adding smarts to any existing electrical system. Remotely monitoring DC circuit parameters has never been easier!

Voltage, current, power, energy, battery state of charge, and temperature are all measured and displayed in real-time using Thornwave Labs’ mobile application, PowerMon, which is offered for free on Google Play and Apple App Store. Control of a mechanical or solid-state relay allows it to be used for low voltage disconnect, high voltage disconnect, over-current disconnect, remote power control, or as timer. This wireless, multi-function tool is truly a Swiss-army knife for DC electrical systems.


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