How many batteries do I need?

This is one of the most asked questions that we get.  In a very simplistic form you need to know just a few things.  If you can answer the following questions accurately then we can provide you the direction you need to select the best battery size, type and number for your application.


1)  How many watts do each of the devices you are trying to power consume?

2) What type of battery are you going to use?  Lithium or AGM?

3)  Are you always going to be near shore power or are you going off grid for extended periods of time?

4)  How will you charge the batteries?  Solar, vehicle, or shore power?

4thD Solar with Merlin Solar Grid and Relion Lithium Battery

Lithium Batteries

Light weight, high power density and super long life make Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries the choice for those seeking the best performance.

Lithium Batteries

AGM Batteries

Looking for a great alternative to expensive Lithium Batteries?  AGM batteries can withstand the beating you give them and will deliver lower cost reliable power

AGM Batteries
4thD Solar with Merlin Solar Grid and Relion AGM Battery