TBS100- 100 Watt Solar Panel -White- Fits Airstream


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This semi-flexible solar panel incorporates Merlin patented MST technology for market-leading durability and output. It was specifically designed to fit on an Airstream trailer.  Roof Top Tents are also a great application.  The panel comes with a factory-installed mastic for an easy peel and stick installation.  Connector ends are MC4.  Can be ordered with a white background.


MODEL: TBS100 FRONT Weight: 2.45 Kg
WATTS: 100 JBOX LP 5.4 Lbs


  W L H1 H2
MM 540 1167 2.5 18
IN 21 17/64   45 15/16   3/16  11/16


Cell Type G1 PERC
Number of cells 41 half
Rated Power (Pmax) 100 Watts
Voltage Pmax 23.42 Vdc
Current Imp 4.27 Amps
Isc 4.61 Amps
Active Area Efficiency 20.42%

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