Bluetooth Battery Monitoring System- Thornwave PowerMon



The BT-DCPM device is a Bluetooth battery monitor / DC power meter with lots of extra features like low voltage disconnect, high voltage disconnect, over-current disconnect remote ON/OFF and timers.
Remotely monitoring important DC circuit parameters has never been simpler. BT-DCPM allows monitoring of parameters such as voltage, current, power (W), energy (Wh), battery charge (Ah), battery state-of-charge and temperature. There is no need for drilling and extra wiring in existing or new applications (RVs, boats, solar systems). Small form factor and ease of installation make BT-DCPM ideal for quickly adding smarts to any existing electrical system.
Use it to monitor your RV or boat battery, provide low voltage disconnect to protect from over-discharging and damaging your battery, remote ON/OFF power control, battery isolator in multiple battery systems, automate your solar backyard lights or any solar system using the timer feature. The possibilities are endless! Click here for more details.

User Manual

DISCLAIMER: At least basic knowledge of electrical systems is required to install and use this product. Installation involves work with electricity which can be dangerous or lethal. 
By clicking “Add to Cart” you agree that you possess such knowledge and experience to properly install the BT-DCPM device and that Thornwave Labs Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury!

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