HX36 160 Watt Solar Panel- Low Profile Junction



This panel is amazing.  The mounting options are endless.  This is our 160 watt panel mounted to a super strong 1/4" thick honeycomb substrate.  Easily attach to your roof rack, roof rails, vehicle, RV or almost anywhere.  If you need more mounting holes then simple drill through the panel in the designate areas thread a bolt through and fasten it.  Connector ends are MC4. 


MODEL: HX36 Bottom Weight: 7.60 Kg
WATTS: 160  JBOX 16.75 Lbs


  W L H1
MM 987 1150 7.60
IN 38 14/16 45 1/16 1


Cell Type Mono
Number in Series 36
Rated Power (Pmax) 160 Watts
Voltage Pmax 18.75 Vdc
Current Imp 8.46 Amps
Voc 23.10 Vdc
Isc 8.54 Amps
Active Area Efficiency 18.19%

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